Fewer mistakes – more customers

The World Wide Web erases boundaries. Thanks to the Internet, companies may offer their goods and services not only within their region or country, but also abroad. However, language barrier is still a powerful obstruction that stops most of these companies and interferes with their world expansion ambitions. Shaky command of English is the leading factor that prevents dozens of thousands of companies from expanding their business.

English is the main language of the global network. It is used by companies to reach the broadest audience possible. Obviously, there is a direct connection between your text quality and its selling capacity. The key role belongs to grammar correctness of the text. If your text has plenty of mistakes, it will make people trust you less as a person, and consequently your product and your company.

89% of product descriptions at Alibaba.com contain bad grammar mistakes

TextGears software will make your English text better. Its API allows it to be integrated into almost any third-party software products, CRM and ERP systems, mobile applications, websites and major web services.

Your users are non-native speakers who write in English?

If you provide your users with a space for interaction in English, make it easier to them. This useful checking tool will add value to your web service. Improving their written English will help your customers be more successful and easier achieve their objectives. And the success of your customers is your success, isn’t it?