100 most common verbs

100 most common verbs

In order to start cooking in English, it is enough to know about 500-800 words. At the same time, at least 100 of them must be verbs. For your convenience, we have collected 100 of the most popular English verbs with translation and usage examples. 

1. Go

She will go to work soon.  

2. Take

Take an umbrella with you.  

3. Give 

Teacher gave me very important task to do.  

4. Do 

We have done something really strange.  

5. Want

They want to buy a new house next year.  

6. Wait

I had to wait for more than an hour.  

7. Get

  • I got this letter recently.  
  • It gets dark very fast in winter.  

8. Have

She has a very friendly pet.  

9. Make

She makes wonderful cakes.  

10. Run

He runs every morning before breakfast.  

11. Fly

Birds can fly very high.  

12. Read

I like to read books about superheroes.  

13. Cook

She really hates to cook.  

14. Open  

I don’t want to open my eyes every morning.  

15. Close

We need to close the door, it’s very noisy outside.  

16. Wash

They can’t decide whose turn to wash the dishes tomorrow.  

17. Drink

She says she wants to drink something exotic.  

18. Drive

I learnt to drive when I was fifteen.  

19. Eat

I like to eat fast food.   

20. Buy

She buys a lot of useless stuff when she is depressed.  

21. Watch

We wanna watch that movie so bad.  

22. Sit

Just go there and sit still.  

23. Clean

Teenagers hate to clean their rooms.  

24. Write

I have to write a lot of work letters today.  

25. Visit

I would like to visit my penpal friend in Paris.  

26. Stand

He was just standing there and doing nothing.  

27. Stay

I want you to stay. 

28. Cost

How much will it cost altogether?  

29. Break

He didn’t intend to break that window.  

30. Look

  • How does it look?   
  • They were looking at the picture and trying to remember it.  

31. Cut

Would you please help me to cut vegetables?  

32. Meet 

I met him on Friday.  

33. Understand

I understand nothing.   

34. See

I’d like to see your manager.  

35. Smile

She smiled when she saw me.  

36. Feel  

I wasn’t feeling well that day so I skipped school.  

37. Come

Come here and sit down, I will call for you.  

38. Be 

I am very shy person.  

39. Say

He said he liked her very much.  

40. Can

She can play guitar and piano.  

41. Know

I don’t wanna know what happened here.  

42. Will

I am willing to go there one day.  

43. Think

He thought he would be able to pass the exam.  

44. Use

Do you know how to use chopsticks? 

45. Tell

I told him everything.  

46. Work

She likes to work here.  

47. Call

Just call me if you need something.  

48. Try

Robber tried to break into our house last week.  

Try it and tell me how is it.  

49. Ask

You are free to ask whatever you want.  

50. Need

No need to explain anything.  

51. Become

He has become taller since last year.  

52. Leave

I wanna leave him alone.  

53. Put

Put your wallet in your bag.  

54. Love

I love cats.  

55. Like

We like to sit by the sea.  

56. Live

I have been living here for many years.  

57. Move

Can you move your fingers?  

58. Play

My son loves to play those stupid computer games.  

59. Help

My mom helped me to find my jacket.  

60. Pay

It’s time to pay the bills.  

61. Lose

I’ve lost my mind when I tried that dish.  

62. Hear

Did you hear the mosquito noise last night? 

63. Show 

Let’s go, I need to show you something.    

64. Talk

Sorry, I can’t talk right now, I’ll call you later.  

65. Walk

We decided to walk home cause the weather was good.  

66. Win

My grandma hopes to win a lottery one day.  

67. Remember

I was trying to remember all those formulas.  

68. Stop

Water suddenly stopped running.   

69. Speak  

She speaks three languages fluently.  

70. Mean

What does this word mean? 

71. Let

Mom will never let me to go to the party.  

72. Begin

He was the one who began the fight.   

73. Continue

Do you want to continue living like that?  

74. Fall

He fell from a tree and broke a leg.  

75. Die

I won’t let you die that easily.  

76. Kill

I can’t even kill a fly.  

77. Grow

My mom grows tomatoes in her garden.   

78. Add

I would like to add this to my order.  

79. Change

I will change real quick.   

80. Keep

Can you keep a secret?  

81. Start

Press any button to start the game.  

82. Believe

I don’t want to believe this nonsense.  

83. Bring 

They should better bring their homework this time.  

84. Happen

It shouldn’t have happened.  

85. Must

Surgeon must wear a mask inside the operating room.  

86. Hold

Hold my hand and calm down.  

87. Send

I sent you an email few hours ago.  

88. Build

They want to build new shopping center in this area.  

89. Follow

Follow me!  

90. Spend 

She wants to spend this weekend abroad.  

91. Set

Where would you like to set this TV?  

92. Teach

I like to teach people something new.  

93. Steal

You’ve just stolen my heart.  

94. Order

I am ordering a pizza. Do you want some?  

95. Lie

He lied to me about his age.  

96. Turn

Turn left in ten miles.  

97. Seem

She seems to be a good girl.  

98. Create

He was the one who created this device. 

99. Learn

I need to learn 30 new words by tomorrow. 

100. Paint

  • He painted a beautiful vase with flowers.  
  • I want to paint my house next weekend.