German grammar and spelling checker

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German text checker online. Correction of grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors in the text. Readability check!. Search and correction of errors in different languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Greek. Determination of readability and other basic text metrics.

German – Grammar check

Textgears algorithms check text and detect over 200 types of grammatical errors: correct use of parts of speech, and the construction of sentences. After checking, the service will offer options for correcting errors, and also display statistics on the most common mistakes. This will help to improve your grammar knowledge.


By using our website, you can check the text for free to find spelling mistakes and typos. Spell checking algorithms take the most common rules of the language into account, as well as differences in spelling in different dialects. By using the service, you can improve your texts here and now!

Checking the text style

Textgears not only detects grammar and spelling errors, but also analyzes the style of speech, checks the appropriateness of using individual words in a general context. Smart algorithms will help you save your essay or CV from inappropriate words, as well as choose synonyms, and make your text more presentable.