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The smart English grammar checker finds and corrects mistakes or wrong word usage in your text.

Grammar check online

Context check

Analyzes your text to find the words used in the wrong context.

Spell check

Spell checker finds mistakes or misprints in your text and corrects them in an instant.

Smart check

Organizes all the grammar rules and finds possible mistakes.

Style check

Helps you choose the right words and corrects word order.

Write like a native speaker

The impression you make on people depends not only on what you write, but also on how correct your writing is. Write correct English with TextGears and improve not only your text, but the impression you make on others!

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TextGears for your business

If your business requires writing large amounts of text, we’d like to offer you the automatic check of English texts. Fewer mistakes, more confidence.

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TextGears for everyone!


  • 75 grammar rules
  • 10 checks per hour
  • 1000 words limit per check
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For business

  • Flexible conditions
  • Integration into your products
  • API endpoints in Europe & Asia
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For Windows

  • 230 grammar rules
  • MS Word plugin
  • No text size limits
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