Books for learning English grammar

Books for learning English grammar

At the beginning of the path of learning English, the question always arises of what educational materials are best to use and where to get them. Should I use videos and applications, or sit down with a bunch of books so that I get lost among them? Should I take textbooks for each activity, or choose a universal textbook? 

Of course, it is better to choose a separate textbook for reading, vocabulary and grammar, as they are better composed and will not require you to change activities immediately after you start to understand something. It is easier to combine these books with each other to achieve the best result. 

But now let's focus on grammar, and talk about which books are better to choose in order to study it. 

In fact, today there are thousands of different English grammar books, ranging from grammar for dummies (yes, such books really exist), to the most difficult levels of the language. It is not possible to test them all in order to find the best option for yourself, since it will take a very long time. Therefore, we have made a selection of the main and most comfortable books from which you can start your acquaintance with English grammar. 


Practical English Usage by Michael Swan 

It is worth noting that there is a minimum amount of theory, the textbook is aimed specifically at practicing the application of the rules, and the exercises for each topic are arranged from simple to complex. 


Grammar In Use 

An old and very popular version of the English grammar textbook. It has three versions for different levels and several editions.  

The format of the textbook is incredibly convenient, there are theory and practical tasks on one spread. Complex rules are always accompanied by explanations, diagrams and illustrations. 

Only the lazy have not heard about “Murphy's grammar”. The book is universal and ideal as a self-instruction manual. The textbook contains theoretical and practical sections, a glossary, a list of additional tests, applications of various types and keys to assignments. 


Oxford Practice Grammar 

How often have you heard that Oxford textbooks are a long gone and old stage? But in fact, it is a basic classic that millions of teachers around the world still rely on. This textbook is one of those that are in the top 5 most popular books for learning English grammar. 

The textbook is organized in such a way that all information is conveniently divided into topics and material for practicing the rules. The book has some similarities with the previous one, so you can choose a more convenient version of the manual for yourself. The textbook provides rules on all topics of English grammar, just open the desired section, read and practice the acquired knowledge in practice by doing exercises. 

The main difference from Murphy's grammar is the presence of test sections immediately after the block of topics. They help to test themselves and fix the material of the entire block. You can find separate test aids for the textbook, which contain tasks on the corresponding grammatical topics: the tenses of the Simple, Continuous, Perfect group, etc. 

The book also contains materials on word formation, appendices with tables of tenses and irregular verbs, as well as a lot of other useful information that will come in handy during the course. At the end of the tutorial there is a final test, the passage of which will help to identify vulnerabilities, identifying which you can go through the topics again. 

In general, the textbook is designed in such a way that it is easy and convenient to read, it has all the materials necessary for the study process that you do not have to look for separately, it contains a variety of practical tasks for each topic, and there are also keys for self-control. 



This book, unlike the previous two, is divided not into three, but into four parts. The material is presented from simple to complex, and the books are beautifully illustrated. Alas, we can say that the book is outdated, since the last version of the publication was released in 1999, but there is still material necessary for studying there. 

Each book contains from 12 to 20 lessons, which are presented in the form of rules and practical exercises for them. In order for the study to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to strictly follow the organization of the textbook, going through one lesson after another. The necessary tables, dictionary and other appendices are also present, as well as the final tests and answers to the exercises. 


Round Up 

As many as six books that will suit both schoolchildren and students. For teenagers, this book is perfect because it is bright and well-illustrated. Even the youngest students will be able to understand the rules and hone them in practice. In total, each book contains from 15 to 25 lessons, which are best taken in turn, without skipping tasks.  

Also, in the manual there are tests to consolidate topics, theory alternates well with practice, and there is additional material. 

The textbook is more suitable for schools and classes with a teacher, and does not contain keys. Answers to the exercises are contained in a separate book for the teacher. 


English Grammar Workbook for Dummies 

Yes, yes, that “English for dummies”, if not translated literally. There is a whole series of such books for different languages. 

The manual acts as a first aid in the study of English grammar. Very helpful in developing writing and speaking skills, focusing on key rules, giving examples and simple explanations. The catchy phrases will help you stay awake while studying, and the book itself is suitable for students of all ages. By the way, there is also a digital version of the textbook. 


Elementary Language Practice: English Grammar and Vocabulary 

A book for those who want to prepare for exams. The three parts of the textbook are divided in such a way that each is designed to pass the exam at a certain level - elementary, intermediate or advanced. 

Each topic has a grammar explanation followed by practical exercises. 

Since the manual combines vocabulary and grammar, the lessons are distributed more thematically than practically. Also, in each book there is a guide to word formation, a dictionary and the necessary grammar tables in the applications. 


When choosing a manual for studying English grammar, factors such as level and purpose must be taken into account. All textbooks listed in the selection are aimed at studying grammar and have both similarities and differences. That is why we advise you to take a closer look and choose your textbook as much as possible, which will be a good assistant in the way of learning the language for quite a long time.