Top 8 programs for checking text in English

Top 8 programs for checking text in English

Most often, writing a text is only half of the task, because it still needs to be checked according to several parameters set by the rules or the customer. In addition to punctuation and spelling, checking the uniqueness and readability of the text is often required. In other words, we check the level of "water" and extra words. 

Text editors 

Let's start simple. After writing the text in English, you can use both programs and online services to check it. If you write in a text editor, then it provides spelling and punctuation checks depending on the selected language. Be careful and put exactly the version of English that you use (most often it is British or American), because the correct spelling of some words will depend on this. 

№1. TextGears 

The service is completely online and is suitable for those who do not need extra programs or extensions on their computer. Automatic replacement of your errors will be a good plus, and you will see all the errors and corrections in the list. The choice of dialect is also important before checking. It differs from the rest by the most accurate result of checking the text. 

№2. Grammarly 

The most popular service for checking texts. It has both an online version and a plug-in for browsers. The free version includes a punctuation, spelling and grammar checker. You can also determine the approximate reading time of the text and highlight the percentage of rare words. 

A huge plus is the explanation of the highlighted errors, and not just highlighting them. This will help the writer to avoid such incidents in the future on their own. 

The paid version includes checking for more errors and offers users a plagiarism checker service. You can also find synonyms there, evaluate your vocabulary and edit the text to make it more polite. Before checking, be sure to select the English version that you used when writing the text. 

№3. Ginger 

A browser extension that helps you check contextual spelling. The service not only checks the word spelling rule, but also takes into account the context, which is very important, since not many programs are trained to do this due to the complexity and unpredictability of the structures. 

№4. Virtual Writing Tutor 

A virtual teacher will help you check grammar, vocabulary and spelling. The service has the function of choosing between colloquial and official vocabulary. In the free version, 3000 characters are available, but only after registration. 

№5. Sentence checker 

It can be called the most minimalistic and simple service of all. It simply highlights the errors in the text that you copy from the original file and paste for verification. 

№6. Hemingway app 

Just copy the text and paste it on your site. All! Cool, isn't it? The service, inspired by a famous writer, is quite minimalistic and promises users an easy and quick check of the text, highlighting too long or too complex sentences with it. The passive voice will be highlighted in green, which is recommended to be paraphrased, and purple words can be replaced with shorter counterparts. In general - it will be bright! 

№7. ProWritingAid 

First aid for improving your writing skills, because here you can not only check the text, but also get valuable tips on writing texts. The online editor has paid and free versions, and is perfect for journalists, students and writers. Texts can be checked by 19 parameters in the free version and 25 in the paid one. 

№8. Paper Rater 

The editor has paid and free versions, both online. The site is quite popular with students, as it has a text check service for plagiarism. He also knows how to search for similar texts on the Internet and offer the user. In addition, all functions are basic: spelling, grammar and punctuation. The paid version differs from the free version by the ability to upload documents and not copy the text, as well as the absence of advertising. 


All the services presented are undoubtedly easy to use, but you should not exclude the risk of missing an error, because after all, these are programs, not a person. Of course, we are not immune from mistakes, everything happens, but it is better to check everything several times.