Grammar check API

TextGears grammar API allows the integration of language processing technologies into any product. No matter what it is, mobile application or complex enterprise system.

Textgears API servers

Global presence

We put our servers closer to all of your end users.

API servers location:

  • USA
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore

API endpoint

That's simple. Textgears grammar API is available over HTTP and HTTPS.
The output data format is JSON. To get a result you should send POST or GET request to

Request parameters

Param Example Description
text Text to check in UTF-8 encoding. You'd better send a pure text without HTML tags. Maximum length is 32768 characters.
key Your API key. You can get it in one click. Just go to the special page.

Sample request!

Send the request to API. The result will be shown below.

Server response

    result : true,  // false if error happens
    errors : [  // array of errors info
        0 : {
            id : "e89bb171",  // unique error id
            offset : 2,  // error text offset
            length : 2,  // error text length
            bad : "is",  // error text
            better : [  // array of suggestions
                0 : "am"
        1 : {
            id : "e89bb172",  // unique error id
            offset : 8,  // error text offset
            length : 8,  // error text length
            bad : "engeneer",  // error text
            better : [  // array of suggestions
                0 : "engineer",
                1 : "engender"

API error codes

In case of error the answer`s attribute result is false.

Sample error response:

    result : false,
    error_code : 600,  // API error code
    description : "Invalid license key. Go to to get a key"
error_code description
600 Invalid license key. Go to to get a key
601 Too many requests per second. By default the number of requests per second is limited to 8.
602 Month request limit exceeded. Each plan has its month request limit. You can buy some extra requests or renew your plan.
603 Too many requests per day. Too many requests was sent by your application during the last 24 hours. You should buy some extra requests or renew you license to the next plan.
605 License key cannot be empty. Add "key" parameter to the request.
500 General API error.
501 Text input is too long. Max text length is 32768 chars.
502 Too many errors. Not English?


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Plans and pricing

Our pricing is flexible so you can get and pay for exactly what you need. Textgears API allows one to integrate grammar checker into any service. It is not difficult to fulfill because we did our best to keep it simple.

One click to get a key!


  • 250 requests/month
  • 250 requests/day limit
  • SSL
  • 4096 chars max per request

$ 0
no credit card required

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Pay as you go

  • No time limit
  • 1000 requests/day max
  • SSL
  • Support 24/7

$ 2.9
for 1000 requests



  • 50 000 requests/month
  • 5 000 requests/day max
  • SSL
  • Support 24/7

$ 29
per month



  • 200 000 requests/month
  • 20 000 requests/day max
  • SSL
  • Support 24/7

$ 79
per month


Got questions?

Fell free to ask us a question or send feedback. TextGears support speaks english and russian.

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