How to check the text for plagiarism? And how to increase uniqueness?

The uniqueness of the text is what worries customers and teachers in the modern world. Those who write term papers, diplomas or any text to order know everything about it. Here we will share useful information about it, so be sure to read on. Methods for increasing uniqueness will be discussed at the end of the article.

Only a child does not know how to check the text. Everyone uses the Internet, but does everyone need a text check service for uniqueness? If this is you and you don't know what to do then follow these steps: Everything is insanely simple - you just need to go online.

Today, there are at least several thousand sites that are created to determine the percentage of borrowing in the text. The question is which one can be trusted. Without the Internet, it will not be possible to find out the percentage of originality. Algorithms look for matches in real time not only on the Internet, but also in online libraries and university databases. Therefore, it will not work to pass the same term paper twice. Anti-plagiarism will show that the text is not yours, and that it was published in the database earlier. At the beginning of this century, scientists presented their grandiose project, which helps to search for borrowings in texts. The initiative has been warmly received by educational institutions around the world, so now we check almost every text for uniqueness.

Today, there are many websites and applications that will help you find borrowings and show you the percentage of borrowing. Most often, such services require the purchase of a subscription, and the amount of text that can be checked for free is about a page.

If the site provides a full report, then you will be able to see the estimated list of sources from which parts of your text were taken. Most often they are simply highlighted, without indicating the source. But, if you use the paid version, you can see the entire text, in which the colored parts will mean borrowing.

The submitted report will show in percentage how original your text is. Of course, if you didn't write it yourself, don't expect big numbers. You need to try hard enough to write a text without borrowings that meets the criteria for originality.

Here are some tips

  1. Log in to sites or register. If the service has its own application for the phone or computer, install it. This will increase the allowed character limit and reduce the waiting time for the result.
  2. Check text at multiple platforms. You never know which result is close to the truth, since each platform may have a different algorithm. Check at least three sources and take into account the average result.
  3. If possible, it is better to check in university plagiarism or on a paid basis. It uses a larger number of analyzed sources, and you get a more detailed report than on free versions, which basically compare your text only with open sources on the Internet.

So, you can be sure that your text is unique only in some cases. The first is that you wrote it on your own, without supporting literature, and all the ideas and words come straight from your head. However, even in this case, there may be a small chance that your text will match any phrases on the network.

Increase text uniqueness

Borrowing is connected not only with the topic of checking the text, but also with rewriting (paraphrasing) and ways to bypass plagiarism search programs. At the moment, the easiest way to increase the uniqueness of the text is to rewrite or paraphrase. You can order this service from specialists, but now there are already services for automatic rewriting using neural networks. Not so long ago, this functionality appeared with us. TextGears allows you to paraphrase text in 10+ languages, making it unique without losing its meaning. Online version of automatic text rewriting and paraphrasing is available now for all users. We are constantly working on quality improvement, making our tools better every day.