Cover letter for resume in English

Cover letter for resume in English

In addition to writing a resume, knowing all the necessary vocabulary for your profession and passing an interview, there is also a cover letter. In short, this is something like a short essay, where you must honestly and openly tell what attracted you to the position you are applying for, what you can offer from your side to be hired, and other details. 

In English culture, a cover letter for a resume is a must. It is written even when entering a school or college, not to mention job vacancies. It is added to the resume, and together they represent an important first step in applying for a particular position. 


Important to know 

Just like a resume, a cover letter is written according to a specific structure. 

For starters, an introduction. You should not immediately start with where and how you found a vacancy, it is enough to write it in the subject of the letter. From the very beginning, you must attract the attention of the employer and make sure that he reads to the end and is interested in you. 

First, you can specify the name of a mutual friend, if any. He may have recommended this company or position to you: 

  • I met Mr. Jordan Hall recently and he recommended me to apply to this position since he is one of your workers. Knowing all the requirements and my professional skills he concludes that I will suit perfectly for this job.  

You can start with a rhetorical or intriguing question. The main thing is not to overdo it with intrigues and rhetoric. 

  • Are you looking for pro manager that is capable to do several different projects at the same time without losing any efficiency?  

You can also describe your professional skills and achievements in the work area. Particular attention should be paid to those items that will be useful and beneficial to a potential employer. 

  • My advanced selling skills plus my vivid interest to social communications as well as my recently completed training course in marketing make me a strong candidate for a position as a sales manager at your highly regarded company.  

In the main part, we write about why you, why this particular position and company. You do not need to flatter, as well as exaggerate your skills and achievements, we also exclude all information that can be easily found in the public domain. We write sincerely and to the point. 

This does not mean that you should refuse compliments, on the contrary, they should be subtle and appropriate, related to a particular leadership style, product, or level of corporate culture of the company. 

You can use the following phrases to start this paragraph: 

  • I have been interested in this type of job all through my career. 
  • I would like to work for you, in order to … 
  • I am particularly interested in this job, as … 

To describe your interest and skills, you can use these: 

  • As you can see from my enclosed résumé, my experience and qualifications match this position’s requirements. 
  • I am convinced that my experience and professional skills will enable me to cope with all tasks set before me as well as to achieve high results … 
  • I fully understand that this company is expanding. I have read on your website that several new products will be launched soon. I am keen to be part of this company as it expands and grows. 

You can mention such qualities as communication skills, logical mindset, interpersonal communication and presentation skills, and the ability to negotiate well. 

If you like, describe in detail one of your accomplishments. For example, how you increased sales by a few percent, developed a new successful product, or attracted a large investor. At the end of such a story, interest the employer by inviting him to repeat the success as his employee. 

In the final part, you should not write phrases like “we will be in touch” or “I hope I will suit you.” Use specific phrases, a specific way of communicating, and a specific decision time. Don't forget to keep in touch! 

At the end, there should be positive and energetic phrases that show your confidence that you are the ideal candidate for this position. 

You can write like this: 

  • I am available for an interview on … 
  • Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to the opportunity to personally discuss why I am particularly suited to this position. Please contact me via … 


Common mistakes 

Laziness - the engine of progress? Here we cannot say so. Don't think it's enough just to write one letter, change the name of the company and send it everywhere. No no and one more time no! A cover letter should be written specifically for the specific organization and position for which you are applying. It should reflect your interest in this particular work, and not be dry and of the same type. 

Structure and style. We do not write anything superfluous, only the necessary sentences - this is not an essay on a free topic. Check the design, spelling and grammar several times: there should not be any mistakes. It is better to read the text yourself and entrust the verification to special services. 


Cover letter example 

The outside 

Apartment number 

House number 

The name of the company 

Address of the company  


Dear Mr Smith: 

I am seeking for a position in your marketing department where I may use my training in sales management to help you to get more beneficial clients. I would like to be a part of the department that reached the highest sales peak last year.  

I have already graduated and got enough experience in sales management. I also took several training programs while getting my education. Most recently I have been a manager trainee in the marketing department at (…) and I have learnt a lot of new things as well as got useful skills and experience. Details of the academic courses I have taken are included in the enclosed resume. 

I am ready for the interview starting from next week from 9 am till 3 pm. You can reach me via email ( or phone (1-234-5678).  

Yours faithfully  

Hannah Brook