End of business letter

End of business letter

Business correspondence has become an important attribute of negotiating if the participants are at a great distance from each other. A well-written business letter will allow you to reach an agreement much faster than emotional negotiations or boring product presentations. 

Having considered the structure and features of compiling business letters, let's take a closer look at its completion, because it plays one of the key roles in the entire process. 

Business Etiquette 

At the end of the main part of a business letter, you can add a few polite phrases that will help you make the most favorable impression on your interlocutor or colleague. However, here you should turn to subordination, and do not send phrases intended for clients to superiors. 

Leaving the right impression of yourself with an English-speaking partner is not an easy task, but it is quite feasible. It is best to use clichés to write the entire text of the letter, but you can also add to it, which will show your excellent business writing and English skills. 

So, for example, by explaining any questions that have arisen, you can show your willingness to re-explain everything and help on any issue: 

  • On the organization of document management in the framework of the project, please contact me.  
  • We are ready to solve the issues of cost recovery taking into account the interests of each other.  

Your courtesy will never be overestimated, so it's a good idea to offer your help. 

  • If during the work on … offer you have any questions about any of the items of the document, please contact me as soon as possible. 


At the end of any letter, business or personal, there is a final phrase, followed by a signature. We write the conclusion, relying on the entire previous text, and summarizing it with one last sentence. 

So, for example, if in the letter itself we asked for clarification, then you can end the letter with the following phrases: 

1. Please reply as soon as possible because… 

2. We would appreciate your cooperation on this matter. 

If we were talking about the results of the work, it would be advisable to write like this: 

3. Thank you for your kind assistance. 

4. We appreciate your business. 

When establishing contact and discussing the details of the transaction, you can use: 

5. We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.