Text analysis for HR companies

It's no secret that writing literacy is one of the most comprehensive and clear characteristics of a person. Therefore, among our customers, there are many companies that automate the HR industry. Many of them face the problem of preliminary scoring of potential applicants, as well as the issue of the proper evaluation of a specific candidate.

We all know that the manual literacy assessment takes a long time. At the same time, the low level of literacy in some companies is generally the reason for the initial dropout of candidates. The integration of the Textgears API can make your HR department more efficient.

Our system allows finding not only spelling errors, like most other services, but also grammatical, punctuation, and stylistic errors.

I'm the head of the HR department of a large industrial company with more than 5,000 employees. In order to improve the efficiency of employee selection, it was decided to automate the evaluation of the CV texts. We decided to use the TextGears API for text analysis. We especially liked the opportunity to evaluate the vocabulary of the CV author. Due to the specifics of the industry and the vocabulary in the CV, we ordered a custom configuration of text-analysis dictionaries. In order to make it real, we sent about 500 text examples. They were analyzed and used to create a separate version of the API.

Now when our employee opens a new CV of an applicant, they immediately see the assessment of the person's speech literacy among other parameters.

We were concerned about the security of the CV data, so we first agreed to deploy a separate version of the API on our servers, which turned out to be significantly more expensive. However, we decided to use the cloud version in the end.

Brian Anand, Bangalore

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